What is it?

If there is a response in a short time, or for a long time and comes back the pain, would be indicated to perform a radiofrequency treatment.

The neurotomía radio frequency is used more often for pain in the back, neck, and buttocks (sacroiliac joint). It can also be useful for the prolonged pain in the joint of the knee or hip.

¿Cómo se aplica?

After anestesiarte to not feel uncomfortable during the procedure, your doctor will use a special needles to injure with heat, or alter electrical pulses to certain points nerve to block the transmission of nerve signals of pain.

Both techniques -radio frequency conventional or pulsed radiofrequency - performed in the operating room and require the help of x-rays. The intervention has a duration of approximately one hour and after that you can go home.

As with all medical treatments and surgical radiofrequency energy has its risks: in addition to the discomfort of the anesthesia in the first few days, may show bruising in the area of the intervention.

Tu mejoría será gradual y podrás medir la eficacia de la técnica  pasadas unas semanas.  Cada paciente responde de una manera distinta. Si los resultados son positivos y se reducen tus molestias, podrás reducir o variar el tratamiento farmacológico llegando en algunos casos a retirarlo completamente. Con la ventaja que supone evitar los efectos secundarios de algunos analgésicos.

What is it used for?


The trigeminal neuralgia is a neuropathic pain facial very intense which typically affects only one side of the face and which has its origin in an alteration of the normal function of the trigeminal nerve or fifth cranial nerve (V in Latin). We call it so because it is formed by three branches: the first is the Nerve Ophthalmic (V1), which extends in the area of the orbit of the eye and the scalp. The other two branches are V2 or Nerve Jaw that gives the sensitivity of the skin from the temple to the upper jaw and upper lip, and finally V3 or Mandibular Nerve which gives the sensitivity of the skin in front of and above the ear into the lower jaw until the lower lip and the chin.


The rizolisis (rhizotomy) is one of the recommended procedures, normally from the Units of Pain to improve medium-and long-term lumbar pain (low back pain), cervical (cervicalgia) or dorsal (dorsalgia), originating in the facets or joints zigoapofisarias.

These joints are part of the vertebrae and help stabilize the movements of the column. Alteration degenerative disease (facet arthrosis) or overload, inflammatory (sprain, arthritis or inflammation) causes are very frequent back pain.

If your low back pain, cervical or dorsal origin posterior facet you will notice it especially when you start any activity after a period of rest. And it will be calming to maintain a moderate activity.

Procedures that are performed in our Center

It is the application of heat to the nerve with the goal of injury definitely.

Is the application of a temperature slightly greater than the body, directly to the nerve producing a nuromodulación with pain relief without nerve damage.

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