Our centre of medical procedures you will have three major lines of work aimed at relief of pain acute or chronic, which is already ruled out by the requirement of treatment resolving otherwise:

  1. Procedures associated with conventional medicine.
  2. Procedures related to complementary medicine
    alternative that includes ozone therapy. and Kinesiology.
  3. Nursing, Psychological and Nutritional, both as complementary care.


Offer a service of excellence to patients with chronic diseases or
treble that has among its symptoms the pain difficult to manage. We will provide
a human attention, professional and personalized, based on the seriousness ofour work and respect our customers, ensuring a betterquality of life, which helps to a better performance in work, activitiesday-to-day and lifestyle.


To become a centre of reference in the comprehensive care of the pain, the
provide a unique service. We offer a clinical service-therapeutic
considering the individual needs of our patients. For
to ensure the best results, we support you with advanced technology,
using clinical practice up to date protocols and treatments.

Our team aims to win an excellent
reputation with all of our patients, striving to a good
sincere communication and ethics. We will have as a premise the satisfaction of
patients and family members.

Security policy of the Patient

In the center we base our services and attention on the core policy of combining safe care to our users with the provision of specialised services. We guarantee the resources that allow them to minimize and/or avoid risks through the creation and maintenance of a culture of observation, reporting, intervention, verification and continuous improvement of our services in the institutional and personal. We promote further the awareness of shared responsibility between all actors, as a mechanism of development and reliability.

Objectives of Security

    • To prevent the occurrence of adverse events, observing, identifying and managing the relevant measures, before these are presented whenever possible, and otherwise, as promptly as appropriate.
    • Engage the nursing staff, patients and their families and institutions users in the awareness that the risks in the care there is and prevent incidents is to minimize their consequences.
    • Promote practical interventions, permanent, and verifiable, within the institution, to ensure the safety of the patient.
    • Ensure the management of care processes on the concepts of evidence-based medicine, to promote the culture of the clinical safety and to seek continuous improvement in anticipating the occurrence of adverse events in any step of the provision of the service.
    • To articulate the Model of Management of patient Safety with the Committee of epidemiological surveillance and monitoring risks.
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